ArabLit Quarterly's Fall 2020 issue will have a focus on cats.     

We are looking for cats (قطط)-focused writing, however that might be interpreted. Naturally, we are as interested in The Merits of the Housecat, by Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti (tr. David Larsen) as we are in “Medieval Cat Poem” by Abū ʿĀmir al-Faḍl ibn Ismāʿīl al-Tamīmī al-Jurjānī, in Rehab Bassam's “Days of the Black Cat,” in “Minouche,” by Anis Arrafai, and in cats both real and mystical. 

We are also interested in cat recipes (?), cat essays, cat comix, feline playlists, a history of cats in a particular city, as well as other cat topics not yet considered.

Also: If you have classic photos of Arab authors and their cats, please do share.

Pitches for this issue should be in by July 20. Drafts of completed works should be in by August 20. We aim to publish September 21-22. 

Regular ALQ features include:     


 Open Letter to a Late Author   

Literary Playlist   

Food for Reading

Judge a Book By Its Cover   

Literary Map (this can be a collaboration with our Art Director)     

We are also interested in:   

Translated short stories between 100 and 10000 words  

Translated poetry   

Translated playtexts   

Translated comix 

Texts that play with genres, cat-like    

We are not able to accept:   

Fiction and poetry written originally in English. Sorry.   

We do accept: 

Both pitches and completed works.      

Yes, we do pay: 


The ArabLit Story Prize is an award for the best short stories, in any genre, newly translated from Arabic into English. Translators must have rights to the work, and translations must have been previously unpublished.

 Stories will be judged primarily on the quality of the translated work as a thing-in-itself, although translators must also submit the Arabic original, as this must be a translation, not a loose adaptation nor a work written originally in English.

 This year's three judges are Sawad Hussain, Donia Kamel, and Hilal Chouman.

 Submission materials must include: 1) Cover letter with the name of author, translator, story, and length. 2) The story in translation, rendered as 4000 words or fewer in English, attached as a Word document. 3) The story in the original Arabic, preferably in the same Word document. 4) Some evidence you have the rights to translate and publish this story, such as an email from the author or a scanned note.

 Note: Do not put author or translator’s name on the attached works. If you put your name on the work, it may be disqualified.

 THERE IS NO FEE FOR SUBMISSIONS. However, if you wish to see last year's shortlist, you can tick the box to get e-copies of previous issues of ArabLit Quarterly. If you do not tick the box, you will not be asked for a fee.

 Questions about submissions can be sent to

 The prize: $500 to the winner, split between author and translator. Shortlisted stories will have the opportunity to be published in the ArabLit Quarterly as well as a future anthology.